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The new techlonoly cctv camera system in 2017

The new techlonoly cctv camera system in 2017

in 2017, camera security system is extremely necessary, most of building, resort, government offices, house, sales outlet and alternative use CCTV system for several reason, and for long years agone, camera security system to not be renowned and currently camera security system is extremely renowned and nearly use in several country.

many event can’t be record and play the video, and also the cctv security system offer the most effective result, thus you need to fathom new technology of camera system, i will be able to offer some article technology cctv in my country.
There is five new technology camera security system in 2017  :

  1. Analog HD camera – AHD camera cctv 4in1 : in last year in my country have new technology in cctv, from analog (TVL/TVlens) to Analog HD CCTV. AHD cctv is a lot of cleary and provides best end in video record and live read to, not like analog cctv. now ahd cctv have more new technology in camera security system. In the past, ahd camera suport only in ahd DVR, then 3in1 technology to be supported in analog dvr – analog hd dvr – and HDTVI Dvr, then in 2017 camera security system supported in most dvr in the world, suport with analog dvr – analog hd dvr – hdtvi dvr and then hdcvi dvr. is more usefull for the user who have dvr analog tvl and the camera is dead, and want to replace in new camera cctv, so you no need buy analog camera, but you can buy ahd 4in1 camera product.
  2. AHD DVR 5in1 technology in camera security system. : Ahd dvr now have new technology, this is 5in1 dvr, can support most of camera security system in the world, it is be suported in analog camera – analog hd camera (AHD) – HDTVI camera – HDCTV camera and then suport in IP camera. so, you can use the dvr for replacing the dead old DVR, and can be supported with your old camera. the great features is you can mix the camera in one dvr ahd 5in1, Like 2 pcs analog tvl, and 2 pcs analog hd or 2 analog hd and 2 ip cameras.
  3. the pixel of the camera security system – up to 5 Megapixel resolution under coax cable. : and the best technology in analog camera security system is the resolution, the resolution of the camera up to 5.0MP (megapixel), more cleary than 1.0MP, 1.3MP, 2MP and 4MP. the technology you can get in hdtvi camera (Hikvision camera, avtech camera, and other), ahd camera technology. the matter is “more high the resolution of camera, a lot of high to the disc you need” becouse a lot of extremely megapixel, pay your hardisk capability. and for the information science camera is up to eight megapixel camera (8MP) producted by hikvision cctv.
  4. fish eye camera security system : like fish eye, the camera will read a lot of details in area, will read horizontal and vertical, in one camera you'll be able to have five read, the good technology system, will a lot of efficiennt and a lot of low-cost you'll be able to use the camera within the area, front room and the other.
  5. Home Monitor camera security system : the technology in wireless camera system, the camera is little, and use memory card slot for record, the resolution of the camera is one.0MP and 2.0Mp, and also the most camera will pan and tilt, terribly easy for installation and cheaps, xiaomi introduce hymenopteron Camera home monitor, this camera will use as digital camera and cctv camera

this is the five new technology of camera security system 2017 in my country, thus i hope the article will usefull for you. sory for my dangerous English language. (More info : The new technology honeywell Ip camera System)


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New peformance Honeywell ip cameras

New peformance Honeywell ip cameras
New peformance Honeywell ip cameras

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The vary includes fifteen new scientific discipline cameras in mini dome, micro dome, ball, and bullet style providing customers with bigger selection, and area unit ideal for tiny to medium businesses as well as single web site, and multi-site like retail stores, gas stations and medical offices.

Select cameras embody Motorized Focal Zoom (MFZ) technology, that auto-focuses the lens when zoom operation. this enables the installer to fine-tune camera focus and field-of-view off the ladder, creating install simple and saving labor prices. every camera captures crisp, clear pictures with high-resolution picture element detail sanctionative bigger recognition of details like faces, and offers correct object-aspect quantitative relation to avoid on-screen distortion. additionally, a discount in information measure and storage wants give customers with potential savings on their Network Video Recorders (NVR) investment. The cameras is used directly with Honeywell’s Performance Series embedded NVRs upon installation, and area unit backed by Honeywell’s 365 SWAP program.

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